We Are Changed Through Grace

God’s Grace + Changing Destinys= Gracefully Changed 

Always remember that we are here to help. We are a family; we work hard and make memories. Most importantly, you can be apart of this organization that gets through our trials and tribulations together through love, laughter, and dance!” - Janeisha lee


You Have The Power To Build This Community With Us!


Gracefully Changed is an organization reaching out to the youth all over the state of Nevada and Texas. Gracefully Changed will strive to reach girls all over the world. We teach our girls how to get through their problems with God, laughter, self love and dance. We create bonds with our girls, guidance, teach life and career goals, teach success strategies, build long lasting relationships, and most importantly dance our troubles away. When the system turns our youth away and says, they are a menace to society; we say they are the hope of this future. We believe if it had not been for Grace on our side, we all may not have been changed ourselves. So it is the time to help change others.



About Us

Learn more about Gracefully Changed Organinzation and how we use our resources to bring the best out of the upcoming generations. Learn more about our mission, what we do, programs offerEd, founder, resources and more.          Learn more…

Dance Program

We offer a great dance program to children ages 6 to 18 years old. We teach dance from all genre such as spiritual contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, even down to the TikToks. Come see what our amazing dance program is about! 
Learn more…

Learning Program

We offer educational services (KNOWLEDGE IS KEY) that will teach our girls how important it is to always keep our mind educated. We never stop at what we know because we always continue to grow from the knowledge that is in front of us. 
Learn more…

Mental &Behavorial

We encourage all of our girls to go through a mental and behavioral health class to learn about the mind and how our behavior reflects on our mindset. Learning about mental illnesses and seeking counseling, while studying how to operate the strength of our brain. Learn more...

Donation To Us

We have shared our mission with you and our experiences. Now, it’s all in your hands. You have the key to helping us build our community and pouring back into the upcoming generations, so they may continue to build this community.     Learn more..


Come check out the resources we offer to better help our community from educational services, school supplies, clothes, food pantries, shelters, jobs, after school programs and more.        Learn more…


A Change Will Come, And The Time Is Now!

If words can express how much we’ve  experience as much as pictures do we would! 

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